Unity and Hope

“There is one body

and one Spirit,

just as you were called

in one hope of your calling;

one Lord,

one faith,

one baptism;

one God and Father of all,

who is above all,

and through all,

and in you all.”
                                          Eph 4 : 4 – 6

The Photo above I thought to use because, at first, I though of the Bible as the one physical thing that unites us in the  Body of Christ.  When I reflected a little deeper I saw, here too, deep divisions and much contention as to who’s Bible is correct in it’s translation. I remember having someone refuse to read the Bible, together with a small  group of new Christians, because they considered the Bible we were using as tainted and satanic. – and this was from a deeply committed Christian from a well established church. Right now in this moment I cannot think of anything that every Christian is at one with. Even the cross, which symbolises each of us as a Christian,  is a cause for division The Body is fractured and in deep, hateful dispute. How sad we are! But, there is the hope, as stated in this verse, ‘the hope of our calling’. In other words Unity will come because Hope is a promise that our deisres will be fulfilled and as I understand this, this is God’s hope when He calls us.

When I look above at this scripture and the verses preceeding I see that Paul asks and reminds us to rally as one body in Unity as Christians under One God, One Baptism, One Faith, One Hope and One Spirit.  Paul often writes on schisms and unity was very much part of his ministry. Those of you who know me well know that unity is something I want very much  with my broethers and sisters and I detest the hatred and vile unloving way christians treat each other  because another does not believe exactly as they. I love diversity because I believe this makes us queston or challenge our beliefs but again we need to be generous with our fellow christians who have a different take on things and we should listen to them too. I tend to walk between the denominations rather than be part of one because I cannot belong to something I am not at one with but I cannot say I am free of deep seated dissgreements on particular issues with some of  my brothers and sisters either.  This feeling for unity is why I originally started sharing my thoughts and reflections in my Multiply site and now begin here in WordPress.

There is one thing I do believe I share in total unity with every Christian and that is the Lords Prayer – this does Unite us as one – as the first line states He is OUR Father!


I often liken christianity to people living around the base of a mountain where each, looking up, has a a totally different perspective – some see three peaks, some one, some see rivers and forests and others exposed earth from landslides or steep cliffs. When one on the east side expresses what he sees to others on the western side or wherever this more often, in my experience, creates disputes, excludsions – even wars among neighbours because how they describe the mountain does not match thiers. I am hoping, that in sharing our points of view, we can be generous enough to be accepting of anothers point of view because in reality there is only the one Lord, the one Church, the one faith, the one baptism and the one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us all. It is an opportnity to visit another side of the mountain ,so to speak, in peace and see what the eyes of our neighbour sees – It makes us better, more rounded Christians in Unity, Diversity and Love.