Picture Perfect – Sentimental Shots!!

The Theme for this week ‘sentimental shots’, I found impossible. I could not think of  a photo of mine that I took for sentimental reasons – I had nothing to post. Thinking about the theme, I realised there are many things that invoke sentiment, such as smells, colours, music, sounds, a particular look, a pet, a book, a plant or tree – almost anything stirS such memories. Thoughts on Multiply, soon finishing up, made me think of how I came to join in, and too memories of friendships created. Some friendships still strong some long gone – a sort of sentimental journey back through the five and a bit years I since I made my first post.


I decided that I would post instead, a photo and a quote that represents all the friendships that I have been blessed with and what they have brought me since July 2007. A quote and a photo taken just yesterday I have combined to express the sentiment of the friends I have through Multiply and will continue on into the future. I hope you too find that they, together, might express the theme from this week.


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