Make Your Own Painting

A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, “where mother is.”

~Keith L. Brooks~

The above photo is not photoshopped and is untouched except for cropping and a signature added. It was taken through a dirty, weather beaten perspex wind shield of a mother and daughter sitting out on a sun filled verandah. Hence the painted look.  To me it looks like a Monet Painting – maybe you think otherwise but I love that feel of a painting that perspex gives. One of my favourite interests is either to create something that looks like a painting, or artwork, with my camera such as the photo above or finding and cropping out a painting I see within a photo. I do however on occasions use my photoshop or Fireworks to create something that looks like a painting but ones like the photo I present here are either created with forethought or something I discover in a photo.

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