By The Seashore

When I was a little boy, not yet of school age, there was a song sung by Harry Belafonte I used to love to sing – below. Although it does not really go with the photo, I thought to share it for the words part of the theme for this week. This photo (one of my favourites) was taken on one of the small local beaches called Spoonies Bay.

All day all night is Mary Ann,
Down by the seaside, sifting sand.
Even little children love Mary Ann,
Down by the seaside, sifting sand

Oh, when she walks long the shore people all she greets,
Wild birds fly her over and fish come to her feet.
In her heart there’s love but I’m the only man,
Who’s allowed to kiss my, oh Mary Ann.


This week the theme is created by Sue for the Images and Words group. Should you feel inspired to join in
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