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Photography Composition Technique – Framing

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One form of photo presentation is called framing. Framing is the technique of drawing attention to the subject of your image by blocking other parts of the image with something in the scene which adds an extra dimension to the shot. Frames for photographs come in all shapes and sizes and can include shooting through overhanging branches, shooting through windows, using tunnels, arches or doorways – you can even use people (for example shooting over shoulders or between heads) etc.

More Examples of Framing

From my Collection

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The photos in the slideshow above, were the ones I chose to enter the ‘Frame it! Photo Competition’ from which I chose 4. Guru Shots is a photography group based around themed competitions which are voted on by the members entered into that theme. It is a fun group and I highly recommend it to anyone no mater the skill level. See the link below.

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