Welcome to my WordPress Site

Here are the latest changes to the layout of this blog site of mine. It has been a process, till now, of not only working out the flow for the site but also what it is that I want to express – or it’s purpose. I had started with the idea of creating a photo portfolio but slowly it has evolved into a combination of my photography together with some personal reflections and general blogs about various subjects I have an urge to share with you that may be of interest. the process has been slow because of a lack of motivation and inspiration but that’s ok because that is also part of blogging  life I guess. I have now decided to use this page as the introduction to my site and if you look above there are a series of headings for you to run your cursor over and choose a post from the drop down menu. I have still to change the header and, I am sure, a few other tweaks but this is more or less as I want it to be.

Thank you