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Photography Techniques – Macro

Macro photography is fun even with an everyday camera. It really brings out the details the eye just does not see as with the photos above – the four photos I entered for the Gurushot Insect Challenge. In this case the subject was insects and although the above are the highest ranked photos of any Gurushot theme challenge I have entered, just have a look, by clicking the following link, at the winners to see the difference between an enthusiast with an average camera and those who are experts at the art and eqipment to match. The spider one I was surprised with, as, when I took the photo it was in an awkward spot and I was virtually shooting blind. But wow when I saw what I had captured I was amazed, not just with the clarity but the details. Same with that caterpillar!

Examples of Other Macros

From my collection

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Macro photography is one of the most popular forms of photography.  In non-photogenic locations, like many people’s backyards, macro photography makes it possible to take great images of nature without traveling at all. Subjects are easily accessible, and it covers a very broad range of photography subjects as you can see in the slide show above.