sharkeysStart of the track at the end of our street – leading down to Sharkey’s Beach

I live on the East Coast of Australia in a region called the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. It is a small village really with a population of around 1,500 – 2,000 – we have a shop that is also  the local Petrol Station, Bottle-shop, Takeaway and Mini Supermarket. There are 6 Beaches – the largest is part of a 17km stretch of sand running up the coast – the smallest is maybe 75 meters in length and never ever busy – even on the most popular beach the numbers would not exceed 100 people whereas the more secluded you may see someone else there – or not!!! Walks are beautiful and do not seem difficult due to the beauty as you walk along – the scenery takes away any pain the walk may inflict!! Michelle and I, most evenings, head off for a walk before the day ends – nice way to unwind and of course find something to photograph. You would think after 17 years living here that I would run out of tings to capture but there is always something either from nature of in the landscape.  The photos I have chosen for this page are from one of the walks which starts at the end of our street and meanders down to Sharkey’s Beach where after a stroll along the beach we head back over the headland and back to  Shelley beach and then home – the photos I have set in order of the walk – I hope you enjoy!!


Link to more photos of odd things that have caught my eye on this walk – Click here




Telephoto shot of the beach from half way down the track


grants head

Grants head – we walk back over the hill – bit of an effort but stunning views as you climb – good workout though!!



Photo along the rocky shoreline of Grants head before we ascend the headland!



Nice view of the track fishermen use to get around the rocks – reminds me of  ‘Lord of the Rings’ for some reason!!


Fisherman  way below the headland



Looking back toward the headland from the other side Love this view and a great fishing spot.



Often it is near sundown when we finish  – this is a typical sky at night


Link to more photos of odd things that have caught my eye on this walk – Click here