Living Within Nature’s Aviary



robin 4


robin 1



This little fellow spent the day gardening with me.  I thought of him as being somehow friendly and trusting – enjoying human company as he came within a few feet in an unfrightened and communicative manner. But, alas, I am afraid not. In my movements and working away I disturbed all sorts of insects, grubs and worms which he so happily gobbled up – I am sure piling on the grams and millimetres to his belly, as he ate through the many courses I provided for the day. Doesn’t look like he is in dire need of a good feed now, does he!!!  This is an Eastern Yellow Robin which populates the local thick bushlands and hedge rows, both as a source of protection and of food, from the abundant insects which likewise make the bush their home. The region I live in, on the east coast of Australia, has a subtropical climate and, as such, hosts so many colourful and interesting birds. I have included with this post a link to a slideshow of the many birds that come into my garden – all of which I have photographed from the veranda or the back yard. I am not a bird lover as such but I do love to watch them. Here we have no need to keep a bird in a cage but we live within nature’s open aviary and enjoy the daily habits of the birds we live amongst.  It is a privilege for sure to live as we do. Please enjoy the slideshow or the album of our part of Natures free range Aviary.


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